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De que te quiero, te quiero (stylized as "De Q Te quiero, Te quiero" in its logo; English Title: Head Over Heels (previously known as Espuma de Venus and Solamente una vez) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Lucero Suárez for Televisa.Esmeralda Pimentel, Fabiola Guajardo, and first actor, Aarón Hernán, star as the antagonists; Cynthia Klitbo, Marcelo Córdoba, Marisol del Olmo, Gerardo Murguía and Carlos Ferro are the stellar performances.Was feeling very relaxed tonight, so I did the search.) But Dimitrio soon moves on from this niche to another: the one that holds the remains of his former boss and beloved novia, Captain Mónica Rentería. But she doesn't expect anything in return and accepts that Mónica was the love of his life. Josefina says she understands and that, in some ways, she and Dimitrio are the same because she can never forget Adolfo, either. She says something else to, but I was taking notes fast on the fly and now I can't read my own handwriting!She approaches Dimitrio and asks how he's feeling, but he seems more worried about her and asks how she's feeling instead. Dimitrio takes this in and admits that, yes, Mónica, is, WAS, the most important person for him. I THINK she says that it's important to go forward in life, but even if she doesn't, I can definitely read my next note.Montserrat walks toward the church steps, Romina balanced on her left hip, Laurito holding tight to her right hand. "Take as much time as you want," says Rosario softly. "I know Esmeralda and Ángel have a long path to travel, but they'll be very happy because I'll be taking care of them from here. A familiar figure clad in white, his left arm in a sling, joins her mid-aisle.

Dimitrio looks nervous but is clearly desperate to say something to her. Padre Anselmo, robed in purple for the funeral mass, watches her from the altar. They smile gently at one another and look back towards Padre Anselmo and the body of José Luis Álvarez.

She quickens her pace as she nears the casket that stands in front of the altar.

She touches the smooth surface of the polished wood coffin and then raises its lid. A shadowy image of José Luis, clad in white and walking along the beach, emerges. José Luis smiles as he recognizes another white-clad figure approaching from the opposite direction.

In one Peddy tells him, is Romina the other has Laurito. Esme tells Erick that he came to town on a very sad day, a good man has died and she is on her way to the wake. You have no reason to give me thanks replies Amelia. Mac confesses that he asked the doctor to test Kevin's DNA so he would know whether or not he is his biological son. " Macario tears up the results as he continues: "Kevin is my son." The padre smiles. Macario warns him not to go around gossiping about his secret. She reaches into her purse for a few coins, and presses them into Lauro's hand. She knows how hard it is to lose a mother, but if Kevin will allow it, she'd like to give him a mother's love.

Peddy takes him to an area that has two covered cages. she asks if erick is okay and he says that no, erick is not okay, he can't get her out of his mind. Esme then goes to speak with Erick, Angel is taken away to get popcorn with his new grandfather, yep ericks dad has promised to treat the boy as if he were his grandchild, that's nice, knowing that Angel will always be surrounded by people that love him makes me feel better. Little Laurito always said you found a way for them to be distracted with a game. As Montserrat walks along the shore towards the church, she sees an obviously very needy woman dressed in filthy rags.

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Pero no contaba con la llegada de una rubia montada en un escarabajo amarillo. Regina Mills is the head of one of Boston's most successful law firms. While cruising along a dark deserted highway home they find themselves revealing how they feel about one another along the shoulder of the road.

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