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they want to meet again but because of there ego they are unable to express their love feelings so in true sense they love each other and they want to meet each other but they are unable to express and they cry and and feel sad for that person so in true sense we call it tadap.And we have expressed this true emotion of your heart in shayari so we call it tadap shayari in hindi along with we have also shared some emotional said love photos which exactly represent the true condition of your heart that you love her you want her back in life but you are unable to express the true emotion of your heart to heart this was the case with me when i was in school i loved a girl too much but we have a fight and i lost her still today i cry for her i want her back in my life so this is called tadap shayari. we have also shared some sad love photos which you will surely like it these photos that shows the true emotion of your heart when you will see those photos you will see yourself in those photos.Koi Chaudhvin Raat Ka Chaand Bankar Tumhare Tassawur main aaya to hoga Kisi Se To Ki Hogi Tumne Mohabbat Kisi Ko Gale Se Lagaya To Hoga Tumhare Khayalon Ki Angnaiyon Main Mere Khayalon Ki Dhul Urrti To Hogi Kabhi Apni Aankhon Ke Kajal Se Tumne Mera Naam Likh Ker Mitaya To Hoga Labon Se Mohabbat Ka Jadu Jaga Ke Bhari Bazam main Sab Se Nazrain Bacha Ke Nigahon Ki Rahon Se Dil Main Sama Ke Kisi Ne Tumhain Bhi Churaya To Hoga Kabhi Aaine Se Nigahain Milaker Jo Li Hogi Bherpur Angrai Tu Ne To Ghabra Ke Khud Teri Anraiyon Ne Tere Husun Ko Gudgudaya To Hoga Nigahon Main Shamme Tammanna Jala Ke Taki Hogi Tumne Bhi Raahain Kisi Ki Kisi Ne To Wada Kiya Hoga Tum Se Kisi Ne Tumhain Bhi Rulaya To Hoga Pyare Doston Ki Khidmat Main Akki Ka Pyar Bhara Adaab Aap ka dost, Akki, hazir hai, Baqol meri Buzurg Dost, Tiruti Ji, ke "ONE PAGE ENTERTAINMENT" leker Doston ! oye tu rehne de, apne nanhe se bheje ko taklif naa de yeh zara oonchi baatain hain yaar, tu nikal le bas .. waise yeh shair hai kiska, oh wohi tere hitler uncle ka hoga, shair maarne ke elava bhi kuch kerte they kya .. haan kertey they naa, goliaan bersate they, aankhon se nahi, gun se.. kehte hain pyar patther ko pani ker deta hai, insaan ko mom (wax) bana deta hai , ab dekhna yeh hai ke mera pyar aapko kya banata hai mom ya pani Doston ! haan woh to theek hai janu, magar ham se shaadi karrega kaun ... Seeing this I asked her if yoga had totally cured her problem. It iz sufficiant for me, but how will u survive ... hey kid, your essay on "MY DOG" iz exactly the same az your brother's. ur child, ur father ur mother, ur girlfriend, ur wife ...

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11 tadap shayari with sad love photos showing when you love someone and that person is not loving you. it happens in a loving relationship when boyfriend tries lots of hard work to impress girlfriend but girlfriend doesn't love him anymore and sometimes it happens with a broken relationship, when a relationship is broken and both cry for each other so this is the true emotion of your heart so we called it tadap shayari in hindi. this is the thing that your heart is saying to you but you are still not responding to your lovable person.

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