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The Portuguese had been confined on this artificially constructed islet in the harbour of Nagisaki from 1636 to 1639.

It was built in 16 through the contributions of 25 local merchants. A short time after the establishment, in August 1641, the Chief of the factory received a letter from the Governor of Nagasaki, in which were promulgated a number of very onerous regulations and restrictions concerning the residence of the Dutch on the island.

Apart from these "Gouverneurs, banjozen, burgemeesters, opper- en ondertolken, ottenaas, ende dwarskijckers" the Dutch had to deal with the purveyors of the victuals for the factory All contact with Japanese officials must be maintained through the interpreters.The daimyo - vassals of the Shogun - were obliged to military service, the yielding of gifts and the yearly alternating residence in Edo.A number of 'metsuke' (secret police; "dwarskijckers" in the language of the Company) controlled both the feudal lords and the officials.They undertook the journey to the Shogunal Court In September 1609 the Ship's Council decided to hire a house on Hirado island (west of the southern main island Kiushu).Jacques Specx became the first "Opperhoofd" (Chief) of the new Company's factory. 2, which letter has indeed the character of a grant of free trade.

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The majority of the Company's servants thus acquired only a scanty knowledge of the Japanese language, wich was further impeded on the part of the Opperhoofden by their annual change in office.

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