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Her parents take her to several psychologicalists who, convinced that she has gone nutso, send her to a mental institution.

While there, she creates a world where everything is okay, and she still has her precious real butter.

Tragically, she is too insane to truly appreciate the depths of what she'd done, because she is now, in mind if not in body, completely Tara Gilesbie.

Think about it, Tara's either a truly clueless fanfic writer or one of the most dedicated trolls ever... My Immortal spontaneously created itself from the sum of all the bad fanfics out there, creating the "Tara" as a mouthpiece to spread it's wickedly bad, but oddly fascinating existence all over the web... ) Things came full circle when the "Tara"-personality became sentient and tried to stop this madness, thus the whole "hacking" incident.

The characters all got life sentances, but a few of the minor characters were able to take 'vacations' from Grammar Prison, and they serve the role of 'Tara' and 'Raven' on Tara's other accounts.

Britney and Darkness escaped, and they, as fugitives through the world of Fanfiction, became its greatest Sue-horrors, assuming roles in different fanfictions: the Griffindor/Preppy Sue, and the Slytherin/Gothic sue.

When she asks her mother about it, her mother says that they were out of the regular butter they usually get, so she got the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" original version. She kills her dog, stops going to church (saying that she converted to Satanism), and starts talking in unintelligible textspeak.This troper was part of the gothic scene in germany quite a while and can perfectly imagine a parody going overboard like this.Many Goths just love Harry Potter, as well as hating posers and preps, the combination is genius.Tara wants to drive all of us crazy so that she can take over the world. What if she makes an even more terrifying Brown Note that drives us to insanity?Let's face it, just reading it as it is now causes your I. Everyone with common sense is incapacitated and Tara is free to rule. To everyone not as close to the story as the author, it simply caused a temporary drop in IQ, easily fixable by reading quality literature, and because people could endure it, Pearl, as Tara, gained fame throughout the internet as the author of the worst fanfiction in the world, that she had called My Immortal.

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